K&M Pet Care

Welcome to the website of Kristina and Marcus. We are young newlyweds and experienced pet-sitters!

In late 2021, Marcus and I started pet-sitting for friends and family and really enjoyed the experience. Since then, we have pet-sat for over 80 families in Marin, Sonoma, Napa, San Francisco, and The North-Shore Tahoe Area.

Marcus and I can handle any pet big or small, and we do have experience  accommodating pets with special needs such as giving medications, injections, or pets with visual/auditory impairments.

We are happy to provide additional reviews and references from people we have pet-sat for in the past upon request.

Who we are

Marcus (26) Masters Grad from American University and works in the Wealth Management and Trust department of Bank of Marin. 

Kristina (26) BA in Business Psychology and HR Management; works remotely at an Executive Search firm.

We are happy to pet-sit while owners are away on business trips or vacation!

our business is insured by PCI (pet care insurance)